In the Lives of Our Residents

Our Mission

To assist offenders in reentry into the community by identifying the special needs and problems of each resident who returns from incarceration and provide Residential Services for a positive transition to community life, with the goal of promoting, maintaining, or restoring the resident’s maximum level of functioning.

Our Objectives

  • Be a resource in a continuum of evaluation/treatment/assistance.
  • Achieve an atmosphere that is safe, structured, stable and predictable.
  • Provide a balance of acceptance, support and structure.
  • Clearly define expectations, limits and controls.
  • Provide residents with Mental Health and Substance Abuse Counseling.
  • Provide residents with life skills training.
  • Provide residents with educational opportunities, employment training and assist with job placement.
  • Enhance the versatility of the physical plant to accommodate future goals & objectives
  • Further develop positions and attract talent well suited for those positions.
  • Cultivate leadership potential in staff.
  • Develop additional training opportunities for staff.
  • Increase community and referral source awareness of program potential.
  • Develop a more dynamic relationship with pertinent political figures and factions.

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The Oklahoma Halfway House, Inc. provides services to adult offenders (BOP) who live in the community through a Home Confinement Program.  We operate this program through a Federal Contract.  This program is highly regarded by area professionals, including the Federal Probation Office and Federal Courts. With additional protocols, this program also allows sex offenders to participate through collaborative agreement with the USPO and BOP. In an effort to protect the public, these offenders will be supervised by the United States Probation Office on Electronic Monitoring Equipment.

Professional Social Workers and other specialists assess residents’ needs, advise on facility placement, and provide alcohol, drug, and family counseling.  The Case Manager-resident ratio is one to thirty with Program Aides and interns assisting the Case Managers.  Volunteers are used where appropriate in facility programs.  The hallmark of the facility is a caring staff that can motivate residents to achieve personal goals.

Educational resources, including a fund to place residents in the educational system (OHH Board Scholarships)Opportunities for spiritual growth Transportation to and from work or business meetings, as needed Three nutritionally sound meals Personal privacy Alcohol, Drug, and Family Counseling, as well as services directed toward residents with Mental Health histories Job search training and placement Literacy/Comprehension Assessment and Literacy Classes DUI School off campus

Oklahoma Halfway House is Proudly Accredited By the American Correctional Association

The Board of Directors, administration and staff of the Oklahoma Halfway House, Inc. are committed to maintaining the high standards of excellence and continuous quality improvement that have earned our Residential Program accreditation by the Commission on Accreditation of the American Correctional Association (ACA).

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