At Oklahoma Halfway House

OHH believes firmly in personal value and growth. This philosophy exists not only as to the residents at OHH, but the staff as well. OHH implements staff enhancement strategies to drive employee morale, engagement, and performance. Shaylee Hale, LCSW, oversees this experience and provides coaching, training, and workplace mediation to staff and management. Shaylee also provides consultation on high priority objectives, and develops courses based on strategic needs of agency for staff growth and development. 

Consistent with the above, OHH has endeavored to provide each of its employees with growing opportunities through intentional exposure to concepts and competencies along their career path. OHH also works with universities, government agencies, and other entities to establish a trajectory for professional growth. Through employment at OHH, employees receive intentional training, professional development tuition and certifications, a detailed record of their exposure and performance in those areas, and networking opportunities with career options. OHH offers flexible scheduling to cater to students, which allows some positions to choose their hours week-to-week.

Shaylee Hale, LCSW

Professional Development Facilitator

OHH further offers a generous benefit program. Full-time staff receive health benefits after 90 days of employment with no payroll deduction for themselves, but do have the option of adding dependents. Full-time staff accrue PTO each pay period, have the option of participating in a 401k match program, are considered for bonuses, and receive all paid federal holiday plus a few extra! Part-time staff also have the opportunity to participate in the 401k matching program after 500 hours and are considered for bonuses.

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