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Oklahoma Halfway House

Oklahoma Halfway House is a private, non-profit, 160 bed residential organization founded in 1966.  The mission of this agency is to assist offenders to re-enter the community by identifying their special needs and problems, as well as the strengths, of each resident who returns from Federal or State Penal Institutions and provide Residential Services for a positive transition to community life.


Dignity & Respect

Our program goals are to promote, maintain or restore the resident’s maximum level of functioning within their environment. We strive to achieve an atmosphere which is safe, structured, stable and predictable by providing a balance of acceptance, support and structure through clearly defined expectations, limits and controls necessary for personal growth. Through such an environment, we work to assist the resident in moving toward an acceptance of fuller responsibility for all their actions, thoughts and feelings.

Residential Services

The Oklahoma Halfway House, Inc. operates a three structure, 150-bed campus for both male and female residents released from or in the final stages of their incarceration. Case Managers are assigned to each resident to assist in the following areas:

Regain & incorporate autonomy and responsibility
Practice sobriety & healthy coping skills
Experience educational & professional growth
Maintain personal health & hygiene
Develop a positive self-image
Learn/Display appropriate interpersonal skills
Secure & maintain employment
Legalize his/her lifestyle; obtain proper identification, car insurance, etc.
Practice proper financial management
Reunite with his/her family & strengthen relationships
Establish & maintain healthy relationships with significant persons in their lives
Be familiar with community service
Identify Mental Health, Substance Abuse or Literacy issues which contribute to potential recidivism

Residents are counseled to meet measurable personal goals which are based on these thirteen (13) objectives and which are founded in a realistic awareness of themselves.

Oklahoma Halfway House is Proudly Accredited By the American Correctional Association

The Board of Directors, administration and staff of the Oklahoma Halfway House, Inc. are committed to maintaining the high standards of excellence and continuous quality improvement that have earned our Residential Program accreditation by the Commission on Accreditation of the American Correctional Association (ACA).

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